The Transformation

  • Would you like to significantly increase not just your top-line revenue, but also your bottom-line profitability?
  • Are you looking to get your work out into the world in a bigger way and reach more clients?
  • Would you like to build a powerful brand platform and be seen as a recognized thought leader in your industry?
  • And would you like to do all of that while running a streamlined business that doesn’t run you into the ground?

INSIDE EDGE is the definitive destination for micro business owners and entrepreneurs who crave substance and thirst for advanced how-to strategies and tactics that will make a visible difference in the results they experience.

Open up spectacular new profit channels

The funny thing about opportunity is that it’s always there.

You just can’t always see it. Our core focus at INSIDE EDGE is to broaden your horizons of profit-driving opportunities in the business-to-business market that are not only within your reach — they’re a heck of a lot closer than you realize.

Gain the inside track on what works,
what doesn’t

The most time consuming and expensive thing you do in your business is get new clients.

So we’re not only going to provide you with “insider” knowledge on how to get clients, but we’re going to show you exactly how to get the BEST clients — ones who can buy from you again and again and are willing to pay you what your expertise is really worth.

Ignite the fire behind your drive to succeed

You didn’t go into business because it was the easier thing to do. No. You chose the path less traveled… less “safe.” Why? Dig deep before you answer.

With the ups and the downs of entrepreneurship, it’s easy to feel burnt out, unimaginative and, perhaps even, in a rut. When that happens, it’s time to get out from behind your computer, change your environment and get an infusion of inspiration.

At INSIDE EDGE, we’re going to stir your motivation. We’re going to encourage you to make the changes you need to make. And we’re going to challenge you to raise the bar across the board, from the way you market your services — and who you market those services to — to the way you run your business and the bottom line results you see.

Dare to change your thinking

You already know you’re supposed to “think like a CEO,” and work on your business, not in your business. But what does that really mean — and, more importantly, how do you make the switch when there’s so much on your to-do list? At INSIDE EDGE, you’ll hear from successful micro business owners earning multiple seven figures and more on how they think and run their businesses today — and what they did to flip the switch.

Forge powerful and lucrative new alliances

Relationships are to business what location is to real estate: Everything.

So if you’re not cultivating strong relationships with quality people, you’ll eventually hit a glass ceiling. At INSIDE EDGE you’ll meet other established micro business owners and entrepreneurs who share your passion for growth and success.

Leave with a plan-of-action in place

Implementation is where the rubber meets the road.

So before you hit the road, we’re going to make sure you have a plan of action in place — one that supports your specific business model and that is designed to help you hit your goals in the shortest, most effective way possible — and ensures you reap the benefits of attending INSIDE EDGE long after the event is over.

It’s time to make your move.

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